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The RC Charge Bucket Radiation Detection Systems are RadComm’s most advanced charge bucket radiation monitoring system specifically designed to detect radioactive material contained in a moving grapple loaded with scrap metal/material. 


The innovative design of the RC CHARGE BUCKET is the result of over 15 years of engineering design and field application experience that has provided the Metals Industry with the best proven safety record to-date. The system incorporates state-of-the-art components and the most advanced software/hardware technology currently available worldwide.






The system menus are based on a Windows environment in order to allow a clear and precise understanding of the RC CHARGE BUCKET operations without the additional requirement of a background in physics. The software is flexible, allowing the user to easily configure the system’s general operations including; setting of passwords, adjustment of detector parameters, pinpointing the location of a radioactive source when detected in a vehicle, and the storing and retrieval of alarm information.



In addition, the RC CHARGE BUCKET computer controller performs all non-real-time tasks such as the management of data received from the detector assemblies and configuration of system operational parameters. 


The advanced design of the individual high-speed micro-based RC CHARGE BUCKET detector assemblies performs all real-time tasks such as pulse analysis from the detectors and vehicle speed measurement. This individual detector functionality is an extremely important and desirable feature of the system. In order to achieve the high level of detection capability the RC CHARGE BUCKET provides, high-speed real-time signal processing and alarm analyses is performed simultaneously with no interruption of the radiation monitoring process.

This system is specially designed to work in scrap metal/waste recycling and steel manufacturing facilities. This system has been tested and proven in a number of customer sites and has demonstrated key technology features such as high sensitivity, fewest false alarms, easy to use menus, supervisor remote system access, traceability and accountability. When combined with Radcomm Systems responsive technical support and on-line service, the RC CHARGE BUCKET is clearly the system of choice throughout the Steel and Scrap Industry.