portable radiation detection system

The RC2PLUS is a lightweight, PVT based portable radiation detector that utilizes advanced spectral techniques to enhance sensitivity for reliable radiation detection. Available in two versions – Basic and Advanced.

The Basic version tracks the total count rate produced by all gamma energies during the scanning. The Advanced version utilizes both a PVT scintillator and Geiger-Mueller tube to perform Regions of Interest (ROI) analysis, which allows the operator to see the distributed gamma energies in a histogram form.

Options include:

    • Docking Station
    • Radon Detection
    • Bluetooth

Technical Data

Detection Type PVT (+ Geiger-Mueller Tube - Advanced only)
Gamma Spectrum 256 channels
Detector Dimensions 5.9” x 8.25” x 4”  (15cm x 21cm x 10cm)
Detector Weight 3.4 lbs (1.5kg)
Energy Range 30 KeV – 2.0 MeV
External Operating Temperature -4°F  to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Battery Life Up to 20 hours
Battery Recharge Time 2.5 hours AC / 6 hours USB
Languages Supported English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese
Agency Compliance ANSI 42.33
Accessories Docking Station