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Illicit trafficking and nuclear safety remain a priority for border services, port authorities and military bases. Incidents vary from the illegal trafficking with purpose of malicious use to accidental shipment of contaminated material. Whether at a military base or international border crossing, the challenge is the same, how to effectively scan vehicles and cargo without disrupting the flow of traffic and materials.

RadComm systems provide highly sensitive gamma and neutron detection for both enriched nuclear material and low-level radioactive sources hidden in any type vehicle or cargo. Tested to meet ANSI standards, RadComm vehicle portal monitors superior performance minimizes false positive alarms, that are often the cause of excessive delays. RadComm handheld portable instruments enable personnel to quickly find and verify suspicious material during secondary inspections.

The Illicit Trafficking Radiation Assessment Program (ITRAP+10) evaluation of radiation detection instruments independently confirms international compliance and superior performance of RadComm RPM and PRD systems.

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