conveyor radiation detection systems

The CONVEYOR series radiation detectors measure the ambient radiation levels on a continuous, uninterrupted basis. Once detection occurs, the system provides the operator audio and visual alarms and the PLC system with an external relay signal to shut down the conveyor to prevent contamination of previously scanned material.

CONVEYOR systems are highly customizable to meet specific application requirements. Systems can be based on RC4000 PVT and RC7000 crystal technology, as well as including neutron detection.

Technical Data

Detection Method Nal(TI) or PVT
Effective Detection Range 3' (1m) to 6' (2m)
Detection Capability 1.1 uCi unshielded
External Operating Temperature -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to to 55°C)
Agency Compliance ANSI N42.38  / N42.35