Radiation Detection Systems for Wastewater and Environmental Services

Radioactive isotopes are used in hospitals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, with over 20M nuclear medicine procedures performed annually in the US. These radioactive isotope treatments exit the body as liquid or solid excretions and are discharged into municipal waste and sewage systems, where they can then accumulate producing even higher exposure levels.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), such as wastewater fracking and scale, dust and sludge from Oil & Gas equipment, also enter the waste and wastewater streams from industrial sources

It is imperative that wastewater treatment plants and environmental services, devise a preventative solution for handling waste materials contaminated with radioactivity.

RadComm RC7000 real time spectroscopic isotope identification technology allows waste processing facilities to identify and classify medical, TENORM and NORM isotopes according to their decay rates while, at the same time, alerting personnel as to when to notify regulators before releasing dangerous material into the waste stream.