The RC2PLUS is a lightweight, PVT based portable radiation detector that utilizes advanced spectral techniques to enhance sensitivity for reliable radiation detection. Available in two versions – Basic and Advanced.

The Basic version tracks the total count rate produced by all gamma energies during the scanning. The Advanced version utilizes both a PVT scintillator and Geiger-Mueller tube to perform Regions of Interest (ROI) analysis, which allows the operator to see the distributed gamma energies in a histogram form.

Options include:

    • Docking Station
    • Radon Detection
    • Bluetooth


The MSPEC is a fast responding palm size Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) that will instantly measure any material for the presence of radioactivity.

The MSPEC Gamma-Ray Spectrometer utilizes a Sodium doped Cesium Iodide crystal and state of the art electronics for the most accurate results.
Operation of the MSPEC is completely automatic, once the easy-to-set operational parameters have been decided. The system allows for displaying units of measure as Counts per Second (CPS), Dose-Rate (nSv/h), Exposure Rate (µR/h), or Accumulated Dose (nSv).

The MSPEC meets ANSI 42.48:2008 American National Standard Performance Requirements for Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs) for Homeland Security.

RC17 – WatchDog

The RC17-WATCHDOG is designed to provide radioactive source detection, in real-time, for small-medium weigh scale, pedestrian portal and area monitoring applications.

The RC17-WATCHDOG system arrives ready to use. You only have to bolt the system to the floor and plug it in. The RC17-WATCHDOG incorporates a PVT detector and provides a wide angle-of-view to ensure the greatest area is being scanned at all times. Simple operation, with remote service capability. Easy to adjust alarm thresholds.


The CONVEYOR series radiation detectors measure the ambient radiation levels on a continuous, uninterrupted basis. Once detection occurs, the system provides the operator audio and visual alarms and the PLC system with an external relay signal to shut down the conveyor to prevent contamination of previously scanned material.

CONVEYOR systems are highly customizable to meet specific application requirements. Systems can be based on RC4000 PVT and RC7000 crystal technology, as well as including neutron detection.

RC3000 Off-Gas

The RC3000 Series radiation detection systems have been designed to detect very low Gamma Ray emissions in high density materials.

Monitoring the Off-Gas/Dust Collection System for radiation emissions, provides critical information that plant personnel need in order to take corrective actions in the event of an accidental smelting of a radioactive source. This will help minimize the spread of radioactive material and unnecessary exposure to radioactive dust.

Off-Gas/Dust Collection systems can have multiple detection units situated at strategic points on the off-gas/dust collection system. Each detector assembly includes state-of-the-art scintillation material and electronic hardware that allows maximum detection capability to be achieved for low level radiation emissions in a dynamic or static mode.

Systems can be based on RC4000 PVT and RC7000 crystal technology, as well as including neutron detection.



The RADLAB is an ultra-low background laboratory gamma spectrometer developed to provide the highest degree of accuracy in measured samples for its specific radiological composition and activity.

The RADLAB incorporates a high quality Thallium doped Sodium Iodide crystal scintillator. The result is the ability to distinguish between multiple isotopes and specific activity levels in the same sample.

The RADLAB system features configurable Quick Scan and Detailed Scan options. The RADLAB system uses a Windows™ based environment and has a user-friendly UI. Results are quickly displayed and reports easily generated. All System functions can be accessed remotely via a network connection.

Recommended for certifying material to meet the I.A.E.A. Clearance Levels for Radionuclides in Solid Materials (AIEA-TECDOC-855).



The RADSAMPLER is a compact, yet highly sensitive laboratory gamma spectrometer. Developed as a desktop unit, the RADSAMPLER quickly and accurately analyzes any small object to ensure it is free of radioactive contaminates. Available in two versions; Basic and Advanced.

RADSAMPLER Basic allows a user to isolate up to four Regions of Interest (ROI) of the energy range spectrum and set specific alarm thresholds.

RADSAMPLER Advanced takes the user to the next level of detection and identification capability. With a large isotope library, it can accurately identify specific and multiple isotopes within any given sample. RADSAMPLER Advanced is suitable for any industry that is concerned about potential contaminated product and/or incoming material that requires testing.

Supervisory Software

The SUPERVISORY software allows users to monitor multiple radiation detection systems in a facility, using a single interface. This simplifies the management of radiation detection systems within large and complex customer plants. The SUPERVISORY panel supports remote access to each system for maintenance and changes, enables real-time access and monitoring, receives alerts from each system and helps ensure the ongoing integrity of the radiation detection processes.

Easy to understand status icons help users know what is happening at a glance.  The email alarm notifications make sure the right people are notified so any incident is handled safely. Audit and incident reports can be prepared using SUPERVISORY report functions.

The SUPERVISORY software is currently compatible with RC7000, RC4000 , RC2000, RADSAMPLER and CRICKET systems.

Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home or Professional Edition (Not compatible with Windows 10 S)*
RAM 8GB or higher
Processor Intel Quad-Core 2GHz or higher
Storage Drive 250 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or larger
Graphics Intel HD Graphics or higher
Network Speed Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)

Supervisory software should be run with administrative rights and all RadComm systems must be on the same local or wide area network.

*Supervisory software is not compatible with computers running Windows 10 S. The operating system must be switched out of S mode or the operating system should be upgraded to Windows 10 Home or Professional editions.

Custom Products

As a high-volume manufacturer of radiation detection systems, we leverage  economies of scale to keep prices as low as possible. Hence our product portfolio has been refined over the years to provide standard models that cover the majority applications.

However, we realize that sometimes the best solution to a problem or application is not a standard product. At RadComm we are committed to understanding your application and  providing you with the best solution, whether it’s a standard product or something unique.  Contact us today and let our experience help solve your detection challenges.




The RHANDY is a very user friendly and economical solution for those requiring a portable radiation and contamination monitor. This portable handheld instrument will instantly detect and measure radioactivity on clothing, food, water and the environment.

The user selectable alarm thresholds can be set to the desired radiation levels or the recommended factory default alarm thresholds can be used. Operation of the RHANDY is completely automatic, once the easy-to-set operational parameters have been configured. Simply position the unit in close proximity to the object that needs to be scanned and listen for the varying audio alarm to sound and observe the large easy to read display.

In addition to the quick response, the RHANDY can be used to monitor accumulated dose. Locate the unit near the air intake of a building for the tracking of accumulated dose of air filters or intake pathways. Tracking of an air intake filter will provide vital information in determining when to shut down a system or when to change the filter.