An Early Warning System for Scrap Radioactivity

Since the first reported accidental smelting of a highly radioactive Cobalt-60 gauge in an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) in 1983 at Auburn Steel in Auburn, New York, the steel making industry has been plagued with smelting of highly radioactive gauges.

The RAD-MELT EARLY WARNING SYSTEM (RMEWS), operates in live-time, addresses all of the critical issues associated with an accidental smelting of a radioactive source in the furnace, and consequently saves valuable time while
minimizing plant contamination and taking the guess work out of the equation.

Crickets and Curies: Lessons Learned from the Steel Industry

This paper presents proven state-of-the-art radiation detection systems used in steel and related recycling facilities, emphasizing current, reliable and flexible technologies for characterization, volume reduction, and remote handling of recyclable solid wastes contaminated and, just as important, not contaminated, with a wide range of radioactive isotopes.

PVT and LaBr3(Ce)-based Radon Express Analyzers

RadComm Systems have developed a new technology for quick, express analyzing (~ 5 minutes) of Radon concentration in the air by using low energy resolution plastic PVT-based scintillators and high energy resolution LaBr3(Ce) inorganic scintillators as the gamma-detectors.

The Future of Radiation of Radiation Detection for the Steel Industry

Innovative Products, Responsive Service and Dedicated Personnel.

Radcomm Systems are the leaders in the design, manufacture and service of highly sensitive radiation detection systems for a variety of applications in the steel industry. Flexibility, versatility and the ability to customize detection solutions for specific customer applications are what make Radcomm a unique supplier to the industry. RadComm has twenty years of proven field experience with 6,000 large-scale installations in over sixty countries worldwide.