RC7000 Hybrid Radiation Detection Systems

RadComm’s RC7000 Hybrid Radiation Portal Monitors combine the features of a large volume PVT system, with highly sensitive crystal scintillators to enhance detection capabilities, provide isotope identification, improve detection of soft gamma energies (for isotopes such as Am-241 and Co-57), while identifying false-positive alarm conditions and providing superior NORM discrimination.

Designed to meet virtually any application, RC7000 Hybrid RPM panels are available in a variety of PVT and Crystal configurations and sizes. Existing PVT systems can also easily be upgraded to the RC7000 Hybrid/Mixed technology.

Recognize Interferences from X-Ray Radiography

X-ray interferences are typically very low with regards to radiation intensity, however, they can easily trigger alarms on existing systems.

RadComm RC7000 RAID technology automatically monitors the surrounding area with a highly sensitivity x-ray detection trigger, which automatically adjusts applicable detection parameters.



Radiation Detection Systems for Wastewater and Environmental Services

Radioactive isotopes are used in hospitals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, with over 20M nuclear medicine procedures performed annually in the US. These radioactive isotope treatments exit the body as liquid or solid excretions and are discharged into municipal waste and sewage systems, where they can then accumulate producing even higher exposure levels.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), such as wastewater fracking and scale, dust and sludge from Oil & Gas equipment, also enter the waste and wastewater streams from industrial sources

It is imperative that wastewater treatment plants and environmental services, devise a preventative solution for handling waste materials contaminated with radioactivity.

RadComm RC7000 real time spectroscopic isotope identification technology allows waste processing facilities to identify and classify medical, TENORM and NORM isotopes according to their decay rates while, at the same time, alerting personnel as to when to notify regulators before releasing dangerous material into the waste stream.

R&W Brazil announcement

We are excited to announce that R&W – Solutions and Services will be RadComm Systems exclusive representative/agent in Brazil.

The R&W team has extensive first-hand experience promoting, installing and servicing RadComm Radiation Detection Systems.

  • Application & Technical Support: Ricardo Miquelof, phone +55 15 99730-0234, [email protected]
  • Sales & Customer Service: Willer Silva, phone +55 15 99122-6191, [email protected]

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Recycling Today November 2019

Recycling Today November 2019 issue – Editorial feature, “Heed the Warning”, discusses how to properly address potential sources of radioactive scrap entering a scrap yard. Steve Steranka, CEO RadComm Systems Corp, was interviewed for the article and explains how false-positive alarms are a nightmare for processors.

Link to the full article: http://magazine.recyclingtoday.com/article/november-2019/scrap-yard-radiation-safety.aspx

RadComm’s RC4000 series vehicle portal systems are shown as an examples of a stationary monitoring system.

RadMelt Early Warning System


May 6, 2019 – Steve Steranka, CEO RadComm Systems Corp., presented a paper titled “An Early Warning System for Scrap Radioactivity” at The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition that was held in Pittsburgh, PA.

RadComm RMEWS minimizes the financial and environmental impacts of accidental radioactive source smelting by providing real time monitoring and automating of melt response plans.

Click here to download the white paper.